Ivory Tusk Restaurant | Indian Fine Cuisine
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Welcome to The Ivory Tusk

Established in 1979 by Mr Ahmedur Rashid, the Ivory Tusk has over the years provided gastronomic excellence to many diners . Bringing the opulence and quality of London Indian restaurants to Shepperton The Ivory Tusk offers some of India’s most authentic cuisine, carefully chosen from the different regions of this colourful country. Dining here is tantalizing experience for all the senses. From the sophisticated decor to the quality of the food, you`ll see that there are many factors which differentiate The Ivory Tusk from the array of other Indian restaurants out there. Today the restaurant continues to flourish  with both Musa Rashid and Ameena Rashid working together. To maintain the legacy of their father. 



The Ivory Tusk Restaurant is the ideal venue for private dining that accommodates up to 70 guests


The décor is classic, elegant and service is discreet, warm and professional. All requests can be discussed when organising the function.The Private dining is perfect for a wide variety of purposes not just dining – such as launches, presentations, brainstorming or business sessions.


The concept of curry

The word “curry” is thought to derive from the South Indian Tamil. It is generally used to describe any spiced, saucy dish, best knows in Indian, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi, Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai and other South Asian and Southeast Asian countries.

The common misconception is that a curry is a hot and spicy dish. Of course some curries are extremely hot, but on the whole most recipes are a balanced blend of spices and herbs with a delicate and highly sophisticated flavour.

Curries today

We know and love curries that come from different countries around the word.  Whatever its origins, a curry usually contains a selection of fresh and dried herbs and spices. Depending on the dish, other ingredients could include chillies, curry leaves, ginger, garlic, shallots, lemon grass, coconut milk, palm sugar – the list goes on.

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